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Nwp Encouraged To Prepare For Cholera

In response to the cholera epidemic in the Vubwi District of Eastern Area, North Western Province Minister ROBERT LIHEFU has asked health professionals in the province to be on high alert.

According to Mr. LIHEFU, the province is at risk of experiencing a cholera outbreak as a result of the recent heavy rains, and medical professionals should be prepared to address such cases.

Speaking while touring Solwezi General Hospital, Mr. LIHEFU advised medical facilities to keep doing COVID-19 screenings, noting that the number of cases in the nation has increased in recent weeks.

KITANDA SONDASHI, Senior Medical Superintendent at Solwezi Teaching Hospital, also stated that although the hospital has not been made aware of any cholera cases, it is prepared to deal with cases in the event of an outbreak.

According to Dr. SONDASHI, the hospital has boosted community outreach efforts and public awareness campaigns to lower the likelihood of a cholera outbreak.

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