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One shot during UPND funeral procession

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja

One person was shot yesterday morning on the right thigh as he was selling his merchandise in a boutique at Intercity Bus terminus in the incident believed to be in connection with the funeral procession held by the UPND today.

Police in the morning blocked a procession and dispersed UPND cadres who staged a funeral procession from Kanyama township to the Cathedral of the holy cross defying the Police directive not to do so.

Inspector-General of Police Kakoma Kanganja said after being dispersed, the cadres scampered in different directions while others went to Intercity Bus terminus where one Thomas Chibilika aged 42 of Mtendere Compound is reported to have been shot in a Boutique where he was selling his merchandise.

Mr Kanganja said Police have instituted investigations in the shooting incidence and while the victim was rushed to UTH where he is receiving treatment while police are still monitoring the situation.

He has directed Police officers to sternly deal with all those who opt to deliberately bend the law and officers should not be blamed for consequences that may arise as a result of police action as they had been forewarned.

Mr Kanganja further appealed to the UPND Leadership to manage their cadres by advising them to avoid engaging in such unruly behaviour which has the potential to lead to break down in law and order.

He said in as much as Police understand that a life was lost, they cannot allow lawlessness to take centre stage in as demonstrated by UPND cadres who went to the street and caused confusion by breaking the law with impunity.

He explained that police received information yesterday that cadres from the UPND who had gathered for the funeral of the late Lawrence Banda who died in Kaoma district of western province recently, were planning to match to the cathedral of the holy cross where a funeral service of the deceased was to be held.

Mr Kanganja said on receipt of this information, Police went to the funeral house and engaged mourners not to proceed with their intentions as it had the potential to bring about disorderliness.

He said despite the advice, between 10:00 hours and 11:00 hours today, the UPND cadres went ahead and staged the funeral procession from Kanyama to the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

Mr Kanganja said the cadres are reported to have been unruly and are alleged to have caused damage to property and caused alarm and fear in people in surrounding areas forcing business houses to close.

He said the total damage caused is yet to be established among them motor vehicles whose windscreens were shattered.

Sylvia Masebo carrying the orphan of the slain UPND member, Lawrence Banda. Lawrence was murdered by a PF cadre in Kaoma

Source – Lusaka Times

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