Opinion: HH’s is now more popular than President Lungu ahead of the election

Anybody adding value and strength the chances of UPND President Hakainde Hichilema forming government this 12th August 2021, is an enemy of the Patriotic Front and the state apparatus will continually be unleashed to intimidate or stop any such support.

The growing popularity of president HH aka Bally has steadily pushed Edgar Lungu’s concealed humble image into near extinction. As we draw nearer to the August 2021 polls, we expect an upsurge of intimidation by PF police, politically motivated arrests and predictably the PF driven violence agenda.

And the stale PF song of ‘ECL being one the late Michael Sata left in charge,’ is not working. The people of Zambia know Lungu by his naked character as Head of State from 2015 to date. The PF has realized that only stolen money can attempt to rebuild ECL’s damaged reputation.

Additionally, the use of stolen money to win-back some political grounds that the PF has lost to the UPND will be the order of the day. And without any new message for the people of Zambia, the PF leadership will become BONANZA machines; dropping money like dry leaves.

Even a dog that shall manage to bark., PF or ECL, will be given some money; that’s how desperate the entire PF is as the August 2021 polls approach. Truthfully speaking, Lungu knows that he has lost this, 2021 presidential election, and using money is the final survival plan.

That said, the detention of Anthony Bwalya and Mubita Nawa does not come as a surprise at all because it’s a deliberate attempt to frustrate Mr Hichilema who is well positioned to take over an economy broken and ransacked by the PF leadership.

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