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Opinion on singing the National Anthem in local languages


I have read sentiments from unscrupulous individuals who hate hearing Tonga spoken near them saying the UPND Geneal Assembly sung the National Anthem in Tonga.
There arguement is that it must have been sung in English because the event was attended by some people who don’t speak Tonga.

Being there myself, i can confirm that these sentiments are not true and correct but mere hate towards Tonga and malicious.
The national anthem was sung in all 8 languages including English, good innovation of its kind.

But let me guide these merchants of tribalism and promoters of Anti-Tongas that Article 258 (1) of the Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Act No. 2 of 2016 guides that the official language of Zambia is English

While sub article (2) stresses that a language, other than English, may be used as a medium of instruction in educational institutions or for legislative,administrative or judicial purposes, as prescribed.

Subarticle (3) of the same Article 258 states that the State shall respect, promote and protect the diversity of the languages of the people of Zambia underline words “respect, promote and protect the diversity of the languages of the people Zambia”
Where does the say the National Anthem shall exclusively be sung in English and not other local languages?

Mustn’t we be proud of singing our National pride in our own languages for fear of being condemned or restrict the singing in local language only in their respective provinces where such languages are mainly spoken?
Or that Tonga is not recognised therefore should not be used at national event including singing in Tonga? This is absurd.

Let us respect the supreme law of the land that clearly dictates for the promotion, respect and protection of diversity of Zambian languages of the people of Zambia.
The state as provided for in subarticle 258 (2) must reign as it is mandated to protect, promote and respect the diversity of languages of the Zambian people and arrest those who are trying to exclude, marginalise and discriminate the use of other languages for selfish and domineering interests.

Leave Tongas alone we are proud to sing the national anthem in Tonga and encourage all tribes to sing it in there languages anywhere and everywhere without fear or favour.
Let us learn to coexist and to be tolerant to other languages and tribes’ norms, custom and practices.

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