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Our Police NEED Re-Training + Riot Vid


The death of the 4th year UNZA student by Police teargas suffocation is most unfortunate. It is very sad that the nation’s best students should be killed in their room by state police’s careless handling of crowd control.

Our police service needs retraining in crowd control. Times have evolved and the colonial curriculum aimed at suppressing dissenting views and voices through extreme measures still employed by our police service is not fit for for today’s modern world.

Having been a victim of Police brutality at UNZA, I sometimes feel like the police regiment unleashed on UNZA rioting students has this anger towards university students – they always want to cause maxim damage to university property and bodily harm to students. No disrespect to my police officer friends but I feel like you guys have issues with university students and when a riot erupts that is your opportunity to unleash your dislike, by, in some cases, killing students.

unza student death

I find it unnecessary to use live ammunition on unarmed students.

I find it unnecessary to fire teargas in student residencies.

I find it unnecessary to break student hostels which will have to be repaired at government cost – this approach, however, was also seen when arresting a well known politician. It is not necessary at all and only reflects archaic behaviour.

Let us safeguard the lives of our people.

To care and to protect the lives and property of ALL citizens should be the prime mandate of our police service.

I send my deepest condolences to the family of our departed sister killed in her quest for higher education by the very people who ought to have been protecting her.

May she receive safe passage to heaven.

I will be in mourning for the next two days.

source: zambianobserver

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