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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Our #WCW – Bomb$hell Grenade Rocks!

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Our #WCW – Bomb$hell Grenade Rocks! She is the hotttest new comer in the Music World and so we thought why not celebrate her success with her pictures… Today she is our Woman Crush Wednesday… Click on Next to see all pictures…

She is a sexxxy maid!

Bomb$hell Greenade
Body hot but the heart is Antarctica/
You never talk just put it in ah practical/
by th way you give me that papy love/
Ain’t gotta talk just put it down and lock it boy/


Battle Of The Sexxiest…

Bomb$hell Greenade
…Battle Of The Sexiest ain’t nothing new/
Gotta know the essence do what it do/
#OnlyAGirl out now.


Where are the haters?

Bomb$hell Greenade
Where are the haters? These got me on my PK Chishala ? I can’t see them.


Be thankful always…

Bomb$hell Greenade
Sometimes the only blessing you need to count is your heartbeat.


Sexxxy Throwback…

Bomb$hell Greenade
Let’s Throw It Back On A Saturday Night.
Tell’em I’m King ?

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