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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Our #WCW is hotter than Boooty in the Water Bae

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Our #WCW is hotter than Boooty in the Water Bae… Some describe beauty as being beautiful both inside and outside but there really are moments when we are just forced to pick someone because of their outside appearance.

Ann #WCW

We leave it to chance and hope that the person we picked is also beautiful on the inside as well, that said, today is a Wednesday so we picked the beautiful ANN aka @aystoprighthere on Instagram as our #WCW. I gotta say at first I was in love.

Ann #WCW
Kiss to her fans

At first, I thought it was one of those things when your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 just has very good picture quality and makes everyone look beautiful but upon further investigation, we concluded that she really does deserve to be today’s hottie.

You might care to remember that Boooty in the water article that kind of went viral but I tell you I feel this lady has more than that to offer as her beauty seems to be a work of art, she seems beautiful and talented not to mention curvy!

We know that she is a student from one of the pictures she posted looking all amazing and doing her assignment. She said: “I should really stop doing my assignments at the last minute🤦🏽‍♀️😭”

Ann #WCW
I should really stop doing my assignments at the last minute🤦🏽‍♀️😭

We might have been a bit biased though when chose her as our #WCW in that we also saw her relationship with her friends, let me rephrase that, her beautiful friends… Check out this, I will call it Boooty at the Ocean… She said: “🌹 Had so much fun today, I bet most of the people there won’t forget our faces😩oh well…have a good weekend 💁🏽🎈”

Ann and friends at the beach

Among the 3 who is the hottest? Tell us in comments who you think is nice but I know you will choose Ann as she is Amazing!

Ann and friends at the beach

Source: aystoprighthere

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