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Over 120 000 Grade 12 pupils pass 2020 Exams


Minister of General Education Dr Dennis Wanchinga has announced that 94,010 candidates out of the 147,055 who sat the examination last year have obtained School certificates, representing a pass rate of 63.93%.

Dr Wanchinga said 49,032 candidates obtained GCE certificates, representing 33.34% adding that 4,013 representing 2.73% of those who wrote failed the examination.
The minister said during a briefing in Lusaka that of the 94,010 candidates who obtained School Certificate, 48,846 which translates to 64% were boys and 45, 164, representing 63.85% were girls.

He added that candidates’ performance was highest in Design and Technology but poor in Natural and Social Science subjects.

“Let me now highlight the performance of candidates who sat the 2020 School Certificate Examination. Of the 147,055 candidates who sat the examination, 94,010 (63.93%) obtained School Certificate, 49,032 (33.34%) obtained GCE certificate and 4,013 (2.73%) failed the examination,” he said.

Dr Wanchinga further said there were 145 candidates with Special Educational Needs that entered for the 2020 Grade 12 Examinations.

Of these, 92 (63.45%) were boys and 53 (36.55%) were girls. “Of the 145 candidates with Special Education needs who entered for the 2020 examination, 142 sat the examination, representing 98% of those who had entered for the examination. Of the 77,955 boys who entered for the examination, 1,631 (2.09 %) were absent and of the 72, 027 girls who entered for the examination 1,296 (1.80 %) were absent. The national absenteeism rate was 1.95%, which was the same as the absenteeism rate in 2019,” Dr Wanchinga said.

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