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Over 30 people killled in Monze east on suspicion of practicing witchcraft

Chief Choona’s Ngambela, Emmanuel Kalulu is concern over the continued extra-judicial killings of people suspected of practicing witchcraft in Monze East.

Kalulu tells Byta FM News that over 30 people suspected of the practice have been killed in Mwanza, Ufwenuka and Choona Chiefdoms this year alone.

He has reiterated the proposal to turn the chiefdom into Mainza Choona District to help curb the vice.

He explains that turning the area into a district will expose communities to the modern way of life and increase presence of law enforcement officers.

Within Choona Chiefdom, Moomba Ward Councillor Sebastian Hambulo sadly noted that his ward recorded its first shooting of a person suspected of witchcraft earlier this month.

He calls on community members to disclose information on the killers, fearing that the crimes would escalate.

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