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Over $40 000 raised for Pastor Ernest Bwalya Chongo’s kidney transplant

Pastor Ernest Bwalya Chongo'

On March 14, 2019, Pastor Ernest Bwalya Chongo was diagnosed with Renal failure, and has been on daily dialysis for almost two years. Pastor Ernest, 38, has been in need of a kidney transplant and by God’s grace, has a prospective donor, 22, and a door has opened to travel to India for the Kidney transplant surgery.

An estimate from Indraprastha Apollo hospitals scheduled to do the transplant is at $40,000 to cover all the costs, but this may change depending on evaluation upon arrival. A fundraising campaign via gofundme was started and last night, some local and international musicians, among them B Flow, Macky II, Ephraim, Nathan Nyirenda, Christine, Penjani and Winnie Mukadi, organized a virtual fundraising concert for Pastor Ernest’s kidney transplant.

Pastor Ernest’s Story:

On the morning of March 13, 2019, I woke up strong and healthy, ready to pursue my daily errands and later in the day, went to work. Whilst at work and 6 hours into my shift, I suddenly developed a severe headache, so I asked one of the staff members on our unit to check my vital signs. My BP was 238/150, medically this is a near death situation, “But God!”. I was rushed to the emergency room and, there, Drs administered different kinds of pain medication but to no avail; the situation went from bad to worse, and I eventually went into a coma and unbelievably woke up, six hours later! God is indeed good!

After further tests, the next day I received the unthinkable news, the diagnosis was Renal Failure; both kidneys were no longer functional and immediate dialysis was required for survival. This was the most devastating report I have ever heard in my whole life. The only available option in order to live a normal life was dialysis or a kidney transplant. I underwent the procedure needed for dialysis treatment, Peritoneal in particular, and the pain from the incision was unbearable. On April 29th, 2019, I was finally discharged, thinking my darkest days were over, not knowing that was just the beginning!

I was later told the dialysis treatment was not effective, and another surgery was needed. I went to the operating room four times and they kept operating on the same position! However, my God came through for me and He will do the same for you, if you put your trust in Him. Today I can boldly confess that the Lord has done great things and I am believing God for complete healing and I know it’s on the way, for He has removed sickness away Exo23:25.

Please I beg you, do not take life for granted. You have no idea how much I desire to wake up and run for this or that as I did before, but today, I have to think about going through my 12-hour treatment every single day. If by God’s grace all the members of your body are intact today, do me a favor, thank God and serve Him faithfully, for life or good health tomorrow is not promised to you. Also, hold on to God in-spite of whatever your condition may be, I guarantee you, God will show up and show up strongly.

Please help me raise the required funds so I can cover the medical expenses related to the transplant. Any amount will go a very long way to fulfilling this need. Thank you for taking the time to read this and may God richly bless you.

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