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Over K2.4m social cash transfer funds disbursed in Mafinga

Social cash transfer

Government has disbursed over K2.4 million to social cash transfer beneficiaries under the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services in Mafinga district in Muchinga province.

A total of over K1.2 million was an allocation for January and February this year while another K1, 225,645 was for March and April.

Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary Davison Mulenga launched the disbursement exercise at Intotela school pay point yesterday and said government was committed to improving the living standards of ordinary Zambian citizens.

During the launch of the exercise yesterday, 102 beneficiaries were present and received their money. These included the aged, female headed, disabled and child headed households.

At the same event, Captain Mulenga announced the increase of social cash transfer beneficiaries in Mafinga district to 10,991 from the current 5,107 in the entire district.

“Government is committed to improve the living standards of ordinary Zambian citizens and this why this year government is increasing the number of beneficiaries under the social cash transfer programme so as to ensure that many vulnerable people are included on the programme,” he said.

Capt. Mulenga said the social cash transfer programme impacts not only the direct beneficiaries but also the communities they live in.

He said when beneficiaries spend the money locally, the non-benefiting households that supply goods and services also partake of the increased cash circulating in the community.

And the beneficiaries of the social cash transfer in Mafinga commended the government for the good gesture.

The beneficiaries told ZANIS that the money they received from the government through social cash transfer has helped in improving their livelihoods.

Fryness Nachinga said her livelihood has improved from the time she was put on social cash transfer programme.

“This programme has transformed my life,” she said.

Another beneficiary, Maggie Namposya said she was suffering a lot before she was put on social cash transfer.

Ms. Namposya said she has now managed to build a house from social cash transfer funds after investing it farming.

“I used to suffer a lot as an elderly woman but from the time I was put on social cash transfer, my life has changed and I have even built a house after investing the money into farming,” she said.

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