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Over K680,000 for the Big Toe – Zambians Go Crazy looking for places to sell their Toes

Zambians Go Crazy looking for places to sell their Toes, this after a case of people selling their toes in neighbouring Zimbabwe has gone Viral. According to the information gathered from Mbare Times, Zimbabweans from all walks of life are selling their toes for as much as $10 000.

The small toe is said to be valued at $10 000 (K172479.60 using today’s rate) and the big toe is going for $40 000 (K689918.40 using today’s rate). These figures have shocked people across Zambia and social media is a storm with people wondering where they can sell their toes.

Our Zimbabwean connections informed us that people are indeed selling their toes but there is a downside to selling your toes. Yes, you will get money but it’s some sort of satanism that you would have joined. One person interviewed on Zimbabwean Radio claimed that she sold her small toe for K17,000 but according to her, the wound never heals and remains fresh while slowly rotting and small worms coming out of it.

The woman added that once you sell your toe, you will be required to wear your socks and shoes all the time, no one is supposed to see that you have a missing toe. She further added that the toe removal process was not painful and no blood came out. if that is not scary enough then nothing will scare you… I am sure google searches like – sell your toes in Lusaka or sell your toes in Zambia are somewhat common now.

Facebook and other social media platforms have seen a rise in Zambians talking about selling their toes but its not that easy a process as it involves you joining a CULT and some sort of Satanism, remember the wound will never heal until you die. So before you decide to sell your toe in Zambia remember the consequences.

We will obviously give you more details on where Zambians can go to sell their toes. Stay tuned as we will constantly share the information for those willing to get rich quick.

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In More News – Iris Kaingu outfit at Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty launch breaks the internet – PHOTOS

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty brand officially launched in Zambia and as expected, Zed A-listers attended in their lavish outfits.

Everyone looked on point but one Fenty Beauty brand ambassador stole the show and it was non-other than the controversial Iris Kaingu.

Iris wore a see-though outfit with her [email protected] on the show for everyone to see. This came as a surprise to many who had thought the influencer had turned to God. Besides, last year Iris ran for a top political post and one would have thought this Iris was of the past.


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