Home Accidents Over speeding and Second hand tyres caused Monze bus accident – RTSA

Over speeding and Second hand tyres caused Monze bus accident – RTSA

Fredrick Mubanga
Fredrick Mubanga

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) says preliminary investigations have revealed that the January 24, 2019, Monze bus accident which claimed five lives was caused by a tyre burst and over speeding.

RTSA Head of Public Relations Fredrick Mubanga says an analysis into some of the road accidents the country has witnessed in the recent past points to tyre bursts.

Fredrick Mubanga
Fredrick Mubanga

He says this is an indication that most motorists are using used tyres.

Mr Mubanga says while second-hand tyres are big business in Zambia like in many African countries, most of them being imported have outlived their usefulness where they are coming from.

He says RTSA appreciates the increase in import duty of second-hand tyres from 3-kwacha to 5-kwacha per kilogram in the 2019 National Budget.

Mr Mubanga, however, says the increase still falls short of stakeholder expectations because the country should completely get rid of second-hand or used tyres as they are a danger to motorists.

He says stakeholders expect that the increase in import duty in the budget can be used for behavioural change by discouraging citizens from buying second-hand tyres and vehicles.

Mr Mubanga says the government can do so by hiking the import duty for second-hand vehicles and tyres while at the same time introducing incentives like reduced duty on brand new tyres and brand-new cars which can make it easy to encourage the setting up of car and tyre assembly plants in Zambia.

This is contained in a statement availed to ZNBC News in Lusaka.

On January 24th a Toyota Hiace mini bus belonging to Nicholas Mulife of Lusaka was involved in an accident on the Monze-Mazabuka road at around 16:00 hours leaving five people dead.