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Owas Ray Mwape denies writing a hateful letter about ex,Saboi 

Owas Ray Mwape denies writing a hateful letter about ex,Saboi

Films Director Owas Ray Mwape has refuted authoring a letter circulating on social media which has branded his ex wife Saboi Imboela as an imoral person.

Following Saboi Imboela’s innuendos that the Republican President Edgar Lungu has impregnated several girls outside marriage and that his marriage to First lady Esther Lungu is unstable, a letter purported to have been authored by Mwape has surfaced.

But the renowned film director has denied writing the said letter.

“Bane please don’t involve me in things that I don’t knoaw .i have never ,did not and will never write anything about Saboi’s personal life or her political career. Mundekefye ..I speak to cameras and my favorite word is ACTION! and CUT! ReFrame but for now it’s REfrain…film makers understand what I mean.Am Owas Ray Mwape not OMwape”

Meanwhile the said letter said:


I was once married to her. Most of you know the story from one side. Maybe now is appropriate for me to say my own. To the world am a devil. She made sure she painted it that way. From how it is, far from it. Can’t you see am doing so so fine without her? How many successful projects have I done without her? See. Life is an equalizer. There is no way a woman with proper morals can go and accuse a Republican President of impregnating girls outside marriage.

That’s dreadful. That’s so disrespectful. You can’t throw shades about your President’s sexual life in public like that. A woman who has morals can’t do that. It’s abomination of the highest order. Hear it from me.The evil you have seen is way much less than what I was subjected to. Yet to you all am the wrong chap. Am the vilian. It’s fine it’s life and we move on. She is that ex I look at one in a while and say to myself, how did I get involved with this demon 😈?

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