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Owen Warns Listeners not to Vote for Ukhozi FM’s Song of The Year


As the year draws closer to its end, many are looking forward to closing it off with their favourite song ushering them into the new year. All that became obliterated when Owen Ndlovu’s MO Productions obtained an interdict against Ukhozi FM – which prevented the airing of the song of the year on the station.

The drama started last year as the 2019 Song of the Year chart show didn’t end up playing on Ukhozi FM due to the ongoing drama between the station and MO Production. Ukhozi FM had terminated the services of MO Production, but still continued using their concept without compensating them. This company, in particular, was responsible for running the New Year’s Eve Song of the Year chart for the station.

Now, after the most listened radio station in the country announced this years top 10 on Saturday December 19, Owen Ndlovu is adamant on taking them back to court. According to Daily Sun Owen Ndlovu wants Ukhozi FM to announce their top 10 as per the song charts and leave the voting system alone as it was his idea.

He told the publication that the radio station plays the top 20 songs every weekend without the public voting for it. Now, in a bid to exploit it’s listeners, they continue using his concept where voters spend R1.50 per SMS to vote for a particular song as many times as they can.

It has also come to the publications knowledge that this year, artists will not be getting a cent from the proceeds whereas the radio station will allegedly rake in millions of Rands.

SABC’s acting spokeswoman Mmoni Seapolelo told Daily Sun “There’s no monetary reward to the winning artist. There’s no partnership in place for the artists to receive any money.”

Owen vows to fight tooth and nail this year so the top 10 songs will not be announced, “The station can’t continue with my concept without me. It wants to rob listeners of their money. I warn listeners to not vote and waste their money because the Top 10 will not be played. I also warn artists to not campaign,” he told the publication.

The problems between Owen and Ukhozi are far from over and he proved that his bite is bigger than his bark when the radio station went on to announce their top 10 despite being asked not to.

Isolezwe reported earlier on this year that Owen Ndlovu was planning on sending them to court to get compensated with R10 Million for the continued usage of his voting system even after he stopped working for the SABC.

He also got pissed and accused them of underpaying last year’s winner Ntencane, “What irritates me the most is that they underpaid Ntencane with that R50 000 he won, which does not go with a car. This singer got over 400 000 votes but got paid peanuts,” he told the publication.

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