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Social Media reacts to Uncle Waffles’ panty liner video

South African DJ, Uncle Waffles is cracking up Mzansi after a video in which she is carrying a whole box of panty liners to the groove is trending.

Though the video is clearly an advert for Always, many in Mzansi could not help but laugh at aspects of the promo video that they termed ridiculous and unrealistic.

The video was shared on social media by songwriter and music producer Yolophonik, who did a remix of “Tanzania” together with Fiji Mageba.


While many people enjoyed the song and the accompanying visuals, they could not help but remark on the parts of the video they found ridiculous.

Social media users remarked on how Uncle Waffles did her role well but criticized the director for including aspects they considered ridiculous.

They argued that the brand’s name could have been displayed more subtly without making Uncle Waffles look ridiculous for carrying a whole box of pantyliners to the groove.

@Ms_AbbyBuchanan: I was like okay a box, an Ad…okay. But then suffered along with her while she struggled to fit that thing into her small bag. In slo-mo… like use a bigger bag if the box is needed and zoom in to slowly show her placing it in but not her grimacing as she tries to fit it in.

@I_am_Bucie: How wap is that kitty coz wow a whole box of panty liners …. Haaaaaa weeee mah

@Niceerah: Also is that a box of 40s? Same brand has the individual wrapped ones in a much smaller package – creative director on this as was not doing the job.

@KutlwanoRerati3: If it’s an ad then it’s a shit ad cz I still don’t know what brand those panty liners are..and she isn’t the best for this product cz we know she’s in a gstring or thong 80% of the time so where exactly is she putting that thing? Ai. Clients are stupid sometimes shem

@jimakitla: And there’s a thinner box than that one anyway 🙄 ai advert ya lena

@phakisochuene: It became immediately evident when she struggled to put it back in her purse lmao.

@erica_mantseki: She could have showed the brand as she prepares the groove then at groove she takes out one without the whole box 🤷

@fhedzani: Maybe she’s a heavy user.

@The_CitizenZA: Ad was badly directed, but then again is south Africa people r just doing thier own things

However, other people defended Uncle Waffles’ advert saying that people were being petty by focusing on the panty liners.

@Wise_Doll: I personally wouldn’t put a loose panty liner in my bag that brand doesn’t have individually wrapped ones cc. So I don’t blame her . For hygiene reasons I would also take the whole box.

@mthwebuli: Lmao don’t be a stupid, clearly it’s an ad and you know brands don’t play about their briefs 😭 you know very well they asked her to show the entire box. how else will you know its always ?


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