Home Scandals Shocker as polygamous pastor parades his wives – Pictures

Shocker as polygamous pastor parades his wives – Pictures

polygamous pastor

Shocker as polygamous pastor parades his wives- Pictures

A polygamous pastor asks, “What is better than having a wife to go home to, a shoulder to cry on and or a partner to spend the rest of your life with? The answer is simple – two wives.

A notoriously popular pastor from Botswana called Sekati Kemmonye has become the topic of discussion after proudly parading his two irresistibly beautiful wives on social media.polygamous pastor1

The whole saga started when a photo of the cleric dressed in identical shirts with his ladies appeared online.

The “throuple” sat next to each other during a family get-away. Their outfits collectively spelt out ‘LOVE’ and their faces radiated satisfaction.

Left in awe, his photographer, Innocent Suge wondered how the family lived in harmony and shared a bond so strong. The man of God went ahead to post a picture of himself and his two wives standing tall with their kids who were also dressed in matching clothes. A family affair like no other.

They knew nothing like segregation and also made sure everyone went on their outing. The joyous group enjoyed a stroll and drive in a national park.

As Newslex Point snoops scrolled through the pastor’s Facebook account, we came across a post of the family man. He was fiercely supporting men who are courageous enough to marry two women.

The polygamous pastor termed people who opposed polygamy as pretenders and said even religion allowed such practices. Sekati Kemmonye is a man of God who believes man cannot live by only one woman.

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