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Pastor takes off woman’s [email protected] in front of the whole congregation

A picture of a pastor removing a “barren” female congregant’s panties in front of the whole congregation has gone viral online….

It is reported that the Man of God asked a female barren congregant to undress so he could pray for her [email protected] for her to conceive.

“My daughter, in the realm of the spirit, I heard God telling me that your barrenness can only be overcame if I pray for your under [email protected], please undress so that i can pray for it”.


The prophet told the woman and she gladly accepted as she was desperately looking for the fruit of the womb. She has been in marriage for 5 years without a child.

It is unclear where the ‘healing process took place. However, The Zambian Observer reports that the ‘Man of God’ undressed the woman “so he could pray for her panties for her to conceive.


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