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Pastors Fellowship expresses disappointment with Bill 10 collapse

Pastors Fellowship expresses disappointment with Bill 10 collapse

The Kitwe Pastors Fellowship has expressed disappointment with the collapse of the Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 in Parliament yesterday.

Speaking in an interview in Kitwe today, the pastors’ fellowship chairperson Reverend Raddy Lewila said the members of Parliament have failed to deliver the wishes of the people that sent them to Parliament.

“The MPs did not go by the wishes of the people but on their political inclination and posterity will judge us,” Reverend Lewila said.

Reverend Lewila noted that with the collapse of the bill, the country may hold the 2021 general elections under the 2016 constituency which will subject the county to the same challenges that were faced after the elections due to the Lacunas contained in there which could have been corrected with the passing through of Bill 10.

“Bill 10 was a progressive bill which most of us church leaders supported except for a few church mother bodies, we supported it and we would have loved it to go through, it is unfortunate that it has failed, ” he said.

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