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Patriotic Front members wholeheartedly embrace the judgment’s ruling as “Bulldozer” is turned to junk after losing the Kabushi seat.

The election of Bowman Lusambo, also known as the Bulldozer, as a Kabushi Member of Parliament has been declared invalid by the Constitutional Court.

Last year, Mr. Lusambo filed an appeal after Bernard Kanengo, a candidate for the United Party for National Development (UPND), filed a petition to have his seat declared invalid by the High Court in Ndola.

As a result of the Constitution Court ruling that all of the Bulldozer’s grounds for appeal were invalid, he has now lost his position.

Mr. Lusambo, who appeared bewildered, left the court grounds before the verdict could be read in full. He did not stay to hear the verdict in its entirety.

However, Given Lubinda, the acting president of the Patriotic Front, claimed that the party had thanked the courts and accepted the verdict wholeheartedly.

“We will use this period to restrategize and plan for the next stage of our political participation. We view this as a minor setback in our God’s intentioned plan to serve our people.To our people in Kabushi, do not be moved. Your choice shall remain the best,” he said.

Mr. Kanengo, an aspirant for the Kabushi seat, claimed that justice had been served and that he was prepared to run for office.

“Finally justice has prevailed. It has sent a signal that we should not use illegal means to ascend to public office.I am recontesting on UPND and I will win,” he said.

The Kabushi seat has since been declared invalid by Constitutional Court Mr. Justice Palan Mulonda, who noted in his verdict that he could not fault the lower court for its conclusions.

Judge Mulonda ruled Mr. Lusambo guilty on all of Mr. Lusambo’s grounds of appeal, including corruption, violence, offering money to voters, and involvement with NATO forces before and during the general elections on August 12.

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