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Ruling Patriotic Front working with police to stop opposition party meetings

Bernard Mpundu

Ruling Patriotic Front working with police to stop opposition party meetings

United Party for National Development (UPND) Chairperson for Industrial Development, Bernard Mpundu has accused the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) of colluding with the Zambia Police Service to stop opposition political parties from freely assembling and holding political meetings.

In an interview , Mr Mpundu stated that it was laughable for Republican Vice President, Ms Inonge Mutukwa Wina to allege that the ruling party has not stopped the opposition from holding political meetings.

Ms Wina told Parliament on Friday that police have not stopped members of the opposition from organising political meetings provided that was done under the Pubic Order Act (PoA), assertions that Mr Mpundu branded as “unfounded” and as a “total” lie.

“It is laughable and regrettable that the Vice President could say what she said in Parliament. Who doesn’t know the behaviour of PF? As opposition political parties, on numerous occasions, we have tried to notify the Police to hold rallies, demonstrations, and other political meetings but the police in collusion with the PF have stopped us,” said Mr Mpundu.

He has since appealed Ms Wina to shy away from portraying a picture of innocence, saying the Veep was fully aware of the numerous atrocities that her defunct PF has been committing against opposition political parties and Zambian citizens.

“Let not the Vice President and her party portray a picture of innocence when she knows too well that her party and Government is a Government of tyranny! They are tyrants, they are dictators, they don’t understand what it means to be democratic. The democratic space in this country is completely buried. But that’s what you expect when you have a bunch of liars in Government,” said Mpundu.

Meanwhile, Mr Mpundu says that UPND will not sit and watch PF continue mobilising.
“We have also embarked on massive mobilisation across the country and the support is huge, want or not – Zambians want UPND and it’s President Hakainde Hichilema to leave better lives ” says Mr Mpundu


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