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Pearl Thusi finally breaks her silence about adopting another daughter

Pearl Thusi

It’s been over a year since many of us began to notice that Pearl Thusi had adopted a young girl However the actress has only just explained why she’s waiting for the right time to tell her story. Pearl has always been in love with the idea of adopting a child and giving them a home.

Who remembers this tweet from 2010 where she revealed that she wants to adopt plenty of children and pay for their school fees? Just over a decade later, Pearl was able to make her dream come true when she welcomed a young girl by the name of Okuhle into her home last year. Pearl’s family grew from two, along with her daughter Thando, to three when Okuhle joined their clan and the Thusi clan has been repeatedly making our hearts melt ever since.

Pearl Thusi

Although she’s taken us into her life, we haven’t heard Pearl addressing the adoption process or sharing more stories about what motivated her to give Okuhle a home.

This week Mama Panther revealed that it’s because she is waiting until Okuhle is old enough to decide how she wants her story to be told. Pearl was a guest on The Real Goboza last week where she was questioned about her youngest daughter. The Queen Sono star explained, “I’m a mother to four-and-a-half-year-old Okuhlekonke and I have to wait for her to grow up and decide how she wants this story to be told.

“As much as I feel I’m a big part of this story, Thando is also a bigger part of this story in terms of the narrative right now. As much as I would like to say this is what happened and that happened, I have to protect so many people.

“In 15 years time if Okuhlekonke decides to tell you guys what happened and what’s happening, then that’s her choice to make.” Pearl did, however, open up about how Okuhle has changed their family dynamic for the better, and shared a glimpse into her relationship with her older sister Thando.

She added; “She’s amazing, Thando is the sweetest little big sister. She’s already got two other sisters and she’s been so helpful. I think because she’s got the same sisters who are the same age mates as Okuhlekonke, she’s been so helpful even with me now.

Source: News365