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People of Serenje have rejected Bill 10

People of Serenje

Opposition New Hope Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) in Serenje district has said that the people in the district have rejected the Bill 10.

The Position of the MMD is that the Bill 10 should be deferred because it is not a priority as there are urgent National issues such as the COVID 19, High Price of Mealie Meal and the devaluation of the Kwacha against major currencies.

Patriotic Front (PF) Nominated Member of Parliament Mr Raphael Nakachinda recently said that the 3 MMD Members of Parliament namely Hon. Maxwell Kabanda of Serenje Central, Hon. Howard Kunda of Muchinga and Hon. Peter Phiri of Mkaika would vote for the Bill when Parliament resumes because the people in their respective Constituencies supported the Bill 10.

However, MMD Serenje District Chairperson Mr Kennedy Kango said that Nakachinda should become a spokesperson for his fellow PF MPs.

“We, the New Hope MMD in Serenje District, are shocked with the statement that came from PF Nominated Member of Parliament Mr Raphael Nakachinda that the 3 MMD MPs who include Hon. Maxwell Kabanda and Hon. Howard Kunda will vote for the Bill 10 because the people of Serenje have accepted It. Firstly, Mr Nakachinda should know that Hon. Kabanda and Hon. Howard Kunda doesn’t belong to his party the PF which is representing and supporting the bill. Both MPs belong to the MMD and the position of the MMD is that the Bill is unnecessary as there are other pressing National issues. Secondly, when did Mr Nakachinda become the Spokesperson for the MMD MPs or for the MMD? Because we have not received any communication from the Party that our Spokesperson Dr Cephas Mukuka has been changed. Mr Nakachinda being a PF Nominated Member of Parliament should speak on behalf of his Party the PF and not us”, Mr Kango said.

Mr Kango further said that the people of Serenje District have rejected Bill 10.

“On the 8th of March, 2020, the Serenje Pastors Fellowship organized a meeting over Bill 10 at the Youth Recreation Hall. In attendance where Hon. Kabanda, the Serenje District Commissioner and a cross-section of Serenje residents including ourselves. At the end of the meeting, the general position was that the People of Serenje had rejected Bill 10. So we challenge Hon. Kabanda to tell Nakachinda and the Nation that the People who sent me to Parliament to represent them have rejected the Bill 10”, Mr Kango said.

Mr Kango further said that they support the MMD Youths who have vowed to petition the National Executive Committee (NEC) to expel it’s Members of Parliament should they vote for the bill 10.

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Source – LusakaTimes