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PF allegedly convinces Dr Kambwili to rejoin the party


The PF managed to strike where ‘imbwili’ can fall down and surrender itself into the hands of the green mambas. The PF political strategists have finally scored and are currently celebrating for convincing Dr Kambwili through blackmail to take him back to his former political party.

This publication can now disclose that the PF had hired the political strategist, advisors and researchers from Israeli in October, 2019 to study Zambian politics and give recommendations that would see PF retain power in 2021. And in March 2020 they delivered their first findings and recommendations that included convicting Dr Kambwili in one of his court cases and allow him to appeal, after he appeal then send the blackmailers to request him rejoin PF and have the high court overturn his conviction and acquit him henceforth. (That’s how PF can abuse the once independent judiciary).

As per the recommendation, Chishimba Kambwili was convicted and allowed to appeal his sentence in the High court. Note that Kambwili’s conviction completely bared him from contesting any political position and his NDC presidency is merely academic as he can not file in his nomination papers either as a running mate or presidential candidate.

The only thing that can change the status quo now is the High court’s ruling to overturn his earlier conviction on forgery case. Given the above scenario that creates a puzzle, most politicians that still want to remain relevant on the political ground and save their political career would as well fall on Kambwili’s trap and we sympathize with him. The only thing that we can assure the PF is that Dr Kambwili is more clever and intelligent than they think of him and he can dance to their drum and later on tell them that he is not ready to dance.

To the entire NDC team, don’t dance to these drums currently beaten as they are not meant for you but for your imbwili, remain resolute and stand with the majority suffering Zambians and you will remain on the right side of history.

-Zambian Observer

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