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PF cadre Innocent Kalimanshi arrested


AS if the day could not get any worse for renegade PF cadre Innocent Kalimanshi, he has been detained by Police after his fellow cadres handed him a savage beating and damaged his vehicle at the Patriotic Front headquarters in Lusaka this morning.

After being saved by Lusaka Province PF chairman Kennedy Kamba from further stings from a swarm of angry cadres, Kalimanshi thanked his “Embenezer” when heavily police arrived and took him away in the safety of one of the newly-acquired anti-riot vehicles.

But instead of taking to the hospital, Police led Kalimanshi straight to police cells where is is currently nursing pains from the beatings.

According to Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo, Kalimanshi was on police wanted list for criminal libel.

Katongo said Kalimanshi did not complain of any injury.

“…however he is in detention for the Criminal Libel offence for which police where looking for him. Remember that video where he was saying he would not go to police after police summoned him,” Katongo told #Kalemba in a statement

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