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PF calls for disbandment FIC board and dismissal of its Director General Mary Tshuma

Patriotic Front Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza has called for the disbandment of the board of the Financial Intelligence Center (FIC) and the dismissal of its Director General Mary Tshuma.Mary Tshuma

Mr. Mwanza argued that by publishing intelligence information in breach of the FIC Act Ms. Tshuma and her board, have abused the Authority of Office and misconduct themselves professionally, adding that Ms. Tshuma must, in fact, be reported to law enforcement agencies for Abuse of Authority of Office and professional misconduct, which included calling for a conference to divulge intelligence information to the public.

Mr. Mwanza said that FIC was the creation of the government which has the duty to receive information from the financial institution and make a recommendation to Government for action and not to release to the public.

Mr. Mwanza said that the information released by the FIC is not actionable in the courts because they are based on rumors and suspicion.

“The information received by the FIC should not have been taken to the public but the government with specifications on the finding.”

Mr. Mwanza claimed that the action by the FIC is an act of abuse and profession misconduct.

“For this reason, we call the board to be disbanded for failing to honor its job and its director must be taken to court to answer charges for professional misconduct.”

Mr. Mwanza added that FIC Director-General not only alarmed the public offenders but also made the fight against Corruption difficult, adding that it was wrong to suggest that the $4.5 million stolen when there is no proof the money was stolen.

Mr. Mwanza said the PF has put the practical measure to fight corruption and has signed a law that will make the Auditor General report directly officials that are linked to crime.

Source: Lusaka Times

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