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PF has turned into a terrorist organisation

PF has turned into a terrorist organisation. The consequences of putting thugs in charge of the affairs of a country are now manifesting in black and white.

1. PF sent youths to be trained as militiamen in Sudan. Zambians paid a blind eye to it.

2. When these Militias came back. Markets were being set on fire. City market, Comesa market, etc… They instituted their own investigations into their own terrorism.

3. They plundered the Treasury till it was dry. Corruption was legalized. With their leader openly saying ubomba mwibala… People thought he was joking, true to his words, PF officials became at liberty to get funds from Treasury, engage in animal trade, mukula trade and mineral trade, all these activities are done to finance their own terrorism.

4. Gassing. They struck again, this time it was a massive gassing act of terrorism, which was well planned and executed, probably at the wrong time. Involved were ministers, Intelligence officers, hungry thugs, and also drug dealers and some rogue Jerabo leaders. The plan was to reign terror to instil fear in Zambians so that if they said no elections, Zambians will oblige… However, Zambians defended themselves via mob Justice, the act which puzzled PF terrorists… Mission failed… But recruited gassers still have the weapons in their homes.

5. While being gassed. Militia vehicles landed in Zambia. They have not stopped yet. These militia vehicles Zambians are seeing are coming to your homes…. This is how PF has degenerated to a Janjaweed militia and pretending with prayers…

Zambians Open Your Eyes…

Source – zambiawatchdog

In other news – Government calls for a meeting to raise awareness on the Coronavirus

The government has called for a stakeholder meeting comprising government ministries to raise awareness on the Coronavirus. Information Minister DORA SILIYA says the meeting set for Wednesday next week will comprise Ministries of Home Affairs, Communication, and Transport, Information and Broadcasting among others.


Ms SILIYA who is also Chief Government Spokesperson says the meeting will come up with a systematic message on Coronavirus for members of the public. Read more

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