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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

PF isolating Given Lubinda

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PF isolating Given Lubinda. Lubinda is the most lonely and lost human being in his own party. The purported letter of his resignation that has since gone viral on social media as far Iam concerned, appears to be fake. But the falsity of the make believe piece of of paper shouldn’t be the issue here, but its origins. Now I know the characteristics of UPND propaganda and their angle of attack, so do I of the PF’s methodologies. I can bet you my last pin, this aren’t the finger prints of the UPND. This has the hallmarks of a PF disinformation squad.

Unless one is blind or near blind, only then can one not see the ‘smoke signal that thunders’ and rumbling from hill to hill, announcing the systemstic ostracism of Justice Minister Given Lubinda.


First and foremost, the group calling itself VIP Special Slap Squad ( VISSS) is admittedly PF, right? Mwila goes to the Copperbelt far away from the seat of Government in Lusaka, to loudly applaud PF’s scoring of an own goal in the NDF clauses, that were manufactured under manipulation by ruling party, under the supervision of Given Lubinda.

But Mwila whilst there, fails to condemn the VISSS’s attacks on the Captain of the NDF but only chooses to triumphantly announce the exclusion of certain clauses of the NDF, a brainchild of the bruised, battered and humiliated Justice Minister. Then whose innovation is the is VISSS?

Would an Army General publicly denounce his troops after a specific mission has been successfully accomplished? Would a boxer set his boxing gloves ablaze after successfully attaining the World Heavyweight crown, or would a farmer throw away his tools into the lake after a bountiful harvest?

Davis Mwila cannot throw away the baby and the water. If so, who is the owner of the baby then? Whose creation is VISSS in this kind of scenario?

From nowhere the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema is favoured with unfettered press coverage by State Media, to be specific, ZNBC, Times of Zambia, Zambia Daily Mail and Richard Sakala’s Daily Nation, when PF knew Hakainde would roundly condemn the PF over NDF and it’s resolutions. Oh how kind can they be!

Lastly the dreaded Zambia Police allows Civil Society Organizations permission to demonstrate and denounce the NDF. Comeon! Given Lubinda is gone on the sacrificial Altar but then I may be wrong, I hope Iam. But then PF is also gone. Remember the woman who threw the water and the baby all at the same time? That is PF’s NDF.

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