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PF on a mission to recruit ex party members

Guy Scott,

The ruling PF is in overdrive to win back old members they discarded, prominent among them former Republican vice-president Dr. Guy Scott, after encountering challenges to win new voters.

Plans are also underway to recall former First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba from her ambassadorial role in France, to come and stand on the PF ticket in Lusaka-Central.

But Defence minister Davies Chama despite saying President Edgar Lungu was not involved in the discussions with Dr Scott, said he has informed the President about the talks he has been having with the former vice-president.

Well placed sources have told Daily Revelation that the ruling party has embarked on a campaign to go to old members to try to get them back into the PF, to win back splintered sympathies from the ruling party, as well as the challenges encountered in winning new membership.

“Yesterday at 17 hours Davies Chama was sent as Edgar Lungu’s envoy to go to Guy Scott so that Guy Scott can come back and help. From the discussions it seems Guy Scott is agreeable though he has given some conditions,” the sources said. “They have also asked Dr Kaseba Sata to come back and contest Lusaka-Central. Former Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda is believed to have been sent also to old PF win back other old members. In short the plan is to bring back old members as it has been challenging to reach out to new voters, plus also to avoid the splintered support.”

The sources said yesterday’s meeting took place at Dr Scott’s residence, saying Judge Ngoma is among those to have been approached.

“As the entry point there is a plan to send reporters to Dr Guy Scotts residence to speak about Covid-19,” sources said.

Contacted for comment, Chama said it was in fact Dr Scott, through his people who have been trying to reach him for discussions. He said the President was not involved in the discussions.

“I don’t know where you got your information, but I have never been an envoy of the President. Dr Scott through his people have been trying to reach me to have discussions…they came to my house (initially) we had discussions and we reached an agreement…I have received a lot of calls from Guy Scott’s people,” Chama said. “So there has been representation and I said no problem and Dr Scott and his men then came.”

He said visit to Dr Scott’s residence was a follow up meeting according to what they had agreed upon earlier.

Asked what it was they had agreed upon with Dr Scott, Chama said Dr Scott was in a better position to tell.

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