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PF Youths March Against Alleged ‘Xenophobia’

Hundreds of Patriotic Front youths on the Copperbelt have responded to the call by the party provincial leadership to stage a solidarity march with some foreign nationals being persecuted.

Copperbelt PF Youth chairperson Nathan Chanda who is also Luanshya Mayor rallied the call in the party circles for a march in Ndola.

Chanda noted that xenophobic attacks were on the rise in the country and needed to be curbed.

Although there has been no mention of nationality the protest is apparently in solidarity with Chinese nationals who have come under attack from some sections of Zambian political leaders.

The youths marched in solidarity to denounce the incitement of xenophobia against foreign investors in the country.

The youths clad in PF regalia carrying various banners calling for peace and unity denounced Hakainde Hichilema for igniting riots in the province by spreading falsehoods about government institutions and hate speech against foreign investors especially the Chinese.

The youths led by PF Copperbelt Youth Chair Nathan Chanda littered the city, chanting slogans of unity and denounced the incitation of xenophobia.

The youths said they will not allow to be used as tools of violence but will instead engage in politics of discourse that will allow the plight of the young to be heard.

They chanted that they were not weapons to be used for destruction by failed leaders and will not stand and hear falsehoods to be spread about their country.

The peaceful mob honked and sang as they marched the streets permitted to them by the police to express their displeasure at the incitement of xenophobia.

source: lusakatimes