PF’s Kelvin Kaunda gains momentum in Matero

Matero Constituency was a hive of activity yesterday when Patriotic Front (PF) Mwembeshi Ward 27 Councillor Kelvin Kaunda held a PF Manifesto Familiarisation Rally at Muchinga Grounds of Zingalume area.

The colourful event saw a huge turnout of party officials within the constituency as well as thousands of residents who turned up to familiarise themselves with the new PF 2021-2026 Party Manifesto.

The event was not short of entertainment with the likes of popular musical artistes like Dandy Krazy, Y-Celeb and Macky2 providing the ‘boostele’ atmosphere best known and seen only at PF rallies whilst local comedian IDC sent the onlookers into a frenzy with is antics of mimicking His Execellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

During the event, opposition National Revolution Party (NRP) President Reverend Cozmo Mumba pledged to support the candidature of Kelvin Kaunda who is aspiring to contest the Matero seat on the PF ticket in the forthcoming August 12 General elections.

Speaking during the event, Rev Mumba announced that through the Cozmo Security Services amd Muchinga Blue Constructions companies, he was pledging a K300, 000 as support towards Mr. Kaundas campaign should he be adopted by the PF to stand on its ticket toll to contest in Matero Constituency.

Rev Mumba said Mr. Kaunda has over time proven to be a reliable leader going by the numerous philanthropic and developmental works that he had undertaken both in his individual and civic leadership capacities.

“I do hereby pledge to contribute a K300, 000 to support our colleague Kelvin Kaunda in his campaigns once he is adopted by the PF,” Rev Mumba said. “I am appealing to the Secretary General Hon Davies Mwila and the Members of the Central Committee (MCCs) of the PF to consider adopting Kaunda for the Matero seat because he is very popular on the ground and the people want him.”

And Rev Mumba has announced that his party has withdrawn its adopted candidate for the Matero seat to divert all the support in Matero towards Mr Kaunda because the party was sure that the grassroots had already chosen him.

“Our NRP candidate for Matero Constituency Christine Chomba has been withdrawn from contesting the seat to pave way for support for Mr. Kaunda because the people on the ground are vouching for him to stand as their Member of Parliament just like the Zambian people are vouching for President Lungu,” he said.

And Rev Mumba has urged the people of Matero to vote for President Lungu in the August polls because he had delivered unprecedented development to all parts of Zambia without leaving anyone behind hence the need to let him finish his agenda.

Meanwhile, Mwembeshi Ward 27 Councillor Kelvin Kaindu said the day’s event was largely meant to bring back President Lungu in the August elections.

Mr. Kaunda said President Lungu and the PF had given the people of Matero and Zambia a good manifesto which had inspired hope for a better future for Zambia and all its citizens without leaving anyone behind.

He said the various developmental projects like hospitals, upgrading of schools and roads should serve as an example of President Lungu’s heart for the people of Matero hence the need to retain him as President in August.

“We as the people of Matero are so excited with the new constitution because it has given us direction to where we are going. The manifesto is going to help in agriculture as a diversification agenda and truly President Lungu is a man for the people and the people of Matero are happy with him,” Mr. Kaunda said.

Mr. Kaunda has since pledged to support and work with whoever was going to be adopted by the Central Committee as its candidate for Matero. And a local businessman Million Lungu popularly known as Master Kent to the locals has thanked Mr. for organising the party in Matero.

Mr. Lungu said Mr Kaunda was the right man to represent the people of Matero owing to how he has always been helping the during funerals and also through various women empowerment schemes and support for vulnerable children in schools.

Meanwhile, a number of opposition United Party for National Dvelopment (UPND) supporters took advantage of the event and opted to defect to the ruling PF.

Sandra Mwanza who represented her fellow defectors cited countrywide unprecedented development rolled out by President Lungu and the PF and the need to contribute to the development of the nation as their reason for joining the PF.

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