Home Zambia News Phase two of NRC issuance begins tomorrow

Phase two of NRC issuance begins tomorrow

Phase two of NRC issuance begins tomorrow
The second phase of issuing National Registration Cards (NRCs) starts tomorrow in five provinces.
The provinces are Muchinga, Western, Lusaka, Southern and Central.
According to home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo, who addressed journalists in Lusaka today, phase two would run for 40 days.
The minister also cautioned foreigners against attempting to connive to obtain NRCs.
NRCs are issued by the Department of National Registration, Passport and Citizenship (DNRPC) to Zambians who have attained the age of 16.
The DNRPC is under the Ministry of Home Affairs.
The same Department also issues NRCs, on a replacement basis, to Zambians who may have lost their original national identity document.
During the 2020 mobile registration exercise, the Ministry of Home Affairs, according to Kampyongo, is projected to issue 1, 500, 000 NRCs.
The home affairs ministry envisages that 770, 000 and 730, 000 people would be issued with green NRCs in phases one and two, respectively.
Phase one has since been carried out.
Source: Kalemba