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Phindile Gwala’s weekend mood will make you go crazy: Video

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Phindile Gwala’s weekend mood will make you go crazy: Video. Happily married to her hubby model Amando Ngandu, the actress revealed that she was criticized for being in love with him. “I was criticized when I started posting my man a few years back. Isn’t now a trend to post your partner?

Phindile Gwala Don’t be afraid of showing off your blessings, people post their cars and lose them, post their new houses and get repossessed, posting about their new jobs and get retrenched. So nothing is guaranteed, nothing lives forever. Just do what feels right at that moment,”

Phindile and Bae

The former Muvhango actress Phindile Gwala is really taking care of herself or her husband is doing the right job because man the lady is looking fine. Maybe getting married is what all the ladies should in order for them to look this good.

Phindile Gwala

Phindile Gwala’s husband is a lucky man. Not only is he getting twerked on but he gets to be with her on the daily. The former Muvhango actress has been a stunner through and continues to be even after marriage. Oh, you don’t believe us? Well, take a look at these. She posted a video of herself already vibing feeling the weekend in a crazy way…

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