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PHIRI: ACC Operations Weakened by PF

The Patriotic Front government, according to the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), damaged the commission’s functioning by withholding funds intended for its operations.

The Commission has just been given a favorable atmosphere to work freely and without political interference, according to ACC Director General GILBERT PHIRI.

Additionally, Mr. PHIRI claims that the commission would not defend any officer who uses their position of authority for personal gain.

MUSA MWENYE, the chairperson of the ACC Board, reports that more people are coming forward to report corruption-related issues.

He claims that the public’s restored faith in the ACC is to blame for this.

Speaking when the ACC Board of Directors met with NAOMI TETAMASHIMBA, the deputy permanent secretary for the North Western Province, Mr. MWENYE claimed that in recent years, the public had lost faith in the commission as a result of a lack of political will to support the organization.

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