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Phiri, Kalimanshi clash over America One gang – Audio


It all began during a rally to receive defectors from the opposition UPND in Lusaka’s Kanyama compound on Saturday, when Phiri spoke against Kalimanshi’s gang known as ‘America One’ which uses a bandana in the colours of the US flag as its symbol.

The lawmaker said the gang’s use of the American flag was unpatriotic and disrespectful to President Edgar Lungu.

Phiri said President Lungu was not happy about the brand of America which is being promoted by the youths in the party.

She advised the youths to stop putting on bandanas or any US flag and instead put on the Zambian flag, PF regalia or something which had the face of President Lungu.

Phiri warned that whoever would be found with American bandanas would be considered an outsider of the PF.

But Kalimanshi responded by saying Phiri’s utterances at the rally were divisive and unfair.

In a five-minute video, Kalimanshi said he introduced the American bandana among his “soldiers” as a result of his love for Jews who are united and always on the lookout for each other.

He directed his “soldiers” to continue donning the American bandana without fear, saying had Phiri been genuinely concerned, she would have called him and addressed the matter privately.

Kalimanshi accused Phiri of conniving with others to have him ejected from the PF but vowed that he would never leave the party because he fought for it.

He said his heart was still hurting that despite fighting for the party, the only people benefitting from it were newcomers.

“I fought MMD. I fought Wynter Kabimba [former PF secretary general and now leader of opposition Rainbow Party], we fought [Dr Guy] Scott and the same Innocent Kalimanshi was in the forefront and today when things are sweet, you want me out? It won’t happen,” Kalimanshi said.

He said he would never stop talking because the PF was not giving him peace.

Kalimanshi dared the police to arrest him and said he would not stop using the US flag for his “troops”.

Kalimanshi also wondered why President Lungu remained quiet while PF officials were treating him unjustly.

Kalimanshi appealed to President Lungu to break the silence and speak on his behalf.

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