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Photos of Zambian lecturer, fitness trainer and engineer Imasiku Mwiya breaks social media

Imasiku Mwiya

If your body is not in a good state, then you won’t live that long or you won’t have the energy to hustle, a 30-year-old Fitness Trainer and engineer says. Imasiku Mich Mwiya, a graduate of University of Zambia, has always had the passion to encourage people to work out as a way of staying healthy.Imasiku Mwiya1

Inspired by the Western Culture, Mwiya started out by doing physical fitness training regularly. Three years into consistent training, he then decided to start training people after seeing his results.

The dedicated trainer who started out with only one person now has 15 clients and he is only one year into the business. Asked to comment on the state of fitness training in the country, Mwiya said people shun it for various reasons.Imasiku Mwiya3

He said in an interview with Zambia Reports that while the less privileged look at it as something only meant for the elite, some people have said they are unable to do it because of their busy schedule.

“I have always admired the western culture on how they support and how they promote health. Most actors I think and actresses, regardless of how old someone maybe, they always find time to go to the gym. But then when I looked at where I am, here in Zambia and it’s a third world country, I say well I think this is one culture that we are lacking. It is one culture I think I can compare to reading. Most of us don’t really have that,” he said.
“The working out culture seems to be only for the elite in the country or the people that are financially stable. But really at the end of the day it is your health, it is the only one body that you can ever have up until you leave this earth. You don’t really have to have a culture.

You talk to someImasiku Mwiya4one who works a full time job and they will say in Zambia it’s that is not possible because you have to be at work either from 8 to 17, and you have a family to feed and the government doesn’t really give you so much, you have to find time to hustle and look for other moneys elsewhere. People have really given excuses for not working out. I really hope and wish that people can take it a different way to say this is your life, this is your health. If your body is not in a good state, then you won’t live that long to or you won’t have the energy to hustle.”

Mwiya is also a full time lecturer at the Natural Resources Development College (NRDC) and he is currently studying the Master of Science in Sanitation.

His biggest goal in the fitness training business is to motivate as many people as possible to work out “especially the working class and the most educated with the least time to spare.”

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