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New Pics: Vanessa Mdee

In honour of her recent Birthday, we decided to share some recent pics of this African music icon. I am talking about Vanessa Mdee. We just can not get enough of this girl. I’m sure the song Melanin was about this girl.

Check out our favourite East African Girl, Vanessa Mdee.

Vanessa Mdee

Lucky guy…

Vanessa Mdee
Goodnight IG Fam.
Vee na Jux wamesema niwaambie.
Happy Money Mondays 😘😘😘

Radical Fashion, love it…

Vanessa Mdee
The look before the LOOK.

Eyes behind shades…

😘😘😘… Hii picha unaeza Iangalia afu ukaenda mbinguni ♥😂♥

Lady in Red…

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