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Kebby Mbewe: UPND will cry if Bill 10 doesn’t pass

Kebby Mbewe

Kebby Mbewe: UPND will cry if Bill 10 doesn’t pass

Kebby Mbewe says the opposition UPND will in 2021 cry like small babies if Bill 10 does not pass in Parliament.

Mbewe says UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema must learn to listen from others.

“The opposition UPND will cry like small babies if Bill 10 does not pass in parliament because they will still remain in the opposition in 2021. They don’t know that they will need Bill 10 more than the people of Zambia needs it,” he said.

Mbewe said Hichilema should not think that he was a star to publicly prohibit his members of parliament from supporting Constitution (Amendment) Bill No.10 of 2019.

“The opposition leader should learn to bend and listen more from others than to only listen to himself. Let him have the humility of listening to what other political players are saying. That’s why majority political parties in the country now are working with the PF because they have seen that the UPND leader does not like to listen from others. Let him be sober up,” he said.

Mbewe, who is PF member of the central committee, said it would be wise for Hichilema to allow his MPs to debate Bill 10 in parliament than walking out.

“If the UPND decides to walk out of parliament in protest against Bill 10, they will regret in 2021 in the sense that there are good clauses in the bill not only for Zambians but for the opposition itself that could have addressed some of their concerns they keep complaining about,” he claimed.

And Mbewe urged the UPND leadership not to be seen to fight the Electoral Commission of Zambia in the manner it raises concerns but should instead concentrate on devising strategies to mobilise its party.

He said the UPND shouldn’t be accusing the PF of planning to rig the 2021 elections “when it was the opposition party that rigged in its strongholds both in 2015 and 2016 elections”.

“If they did not rig the elections in their strongholds then why are they refusing to have a new Voters’ Register? We know that their motive behind opposing to the ECZ idea of having a new Voters’ Register is based on their appetite to use the same manoeuvres they did in both 2015 and 2016,” Mbewe said.

He said it was surprising that the UPND was so much in opposition of the idea when it was not the one spending the money for the exercise.

Mbewe insisted that the PF was going to retain power in 2021.

“But for my elder brother HH, he should not lose hope because he can still contest in 2026 when he loses in 2021,” he said.

Mbewe also expressed disappointment that Hichilema did not recognize the Head of State during the ECZ’s meeting for political party presidents.

“It is a sign of lack of humility for the opposition political party leader to continue not to recognise President Edgar Lungu when as a Christian himself understood very well what the bible says about those in leadership. Let him take the biblical way and embrace the principle of love and humanity, according to the values of Christianity,” urged Mbewe. “HH is my fellow elder in the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA). He knows how we are taught in the book of Romans that we need to respect leaders of the land. This is not the Zambia we want where leaders are not respected.”

-Zambian Observer

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