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Police apprehend 15 Ethiopian illegals & begin Manhunt for suspects on the run

15 illegal immigrants who are thought to be from Ethiopia have been detained by police in Lusaka.

Around 1:00 a.m., the suspects were taken into custody in Kaunda Square Stage II.

Three mini buses drove by the policemen at the Mono Police Checkpoint along the Great East Road in the Silverest region at a high rate of speed without stopping, according to a statement from police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale to Mwebantu.

“Police officers pursued the mini buses and intercepted one mini bus, a Toyota Haice, bearing registration number AIB 4244 and fleet number 211065 off Simusokwe Road in Kaunda Square Stage II where they apprehended 13 suspects. After interrogations, it was discovered that the suspects were 20 in the mini bus and seven including the driver managed to escape immediately they noticed that they were being pursued by Police officers,” he said.

Officers “combed” Kaunda Square, according to Mr. Mwale, and two individuals were eventually taken into custody at around 2:30 in the morning.

Initial investigations, according to him, show that the suspects crossed into Zambia at the Mwami Border.

All 15 of the suspects, according to Mr. Mwale, are being held in police custody as they wait to be formally turned over to the Department of Immigration. Meanwhile, a manhunt has been started for the other suspects and two minibuses.

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