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Police believe there are tomb raiders on the loose in Ndola.

Tomb raiders on the loose

Culprits in Ndola have now lost all respect for the dead and have began ‘ Tomb raiding ’ the graves of the departed in hunt of easy moneybags.

Two similar cases are of a 31- year-old man of Ndola who was arrested in Kantolomba area and another of a 30- year-old man doomed to spend 1 year 8 months for stealing at Kawama cemetery, also in Ndola area.
In the Kawama Cemetery incident, Richard Sakambongo was arrested and charged with felonious trespass and doomed to spend 18 months imprisonment after he he was caught removing metal name plates from the graves at Kawama Cemetery.

When data were presented to the Ndola justice court by public prosecutor John Simagesi, he said that in May of this year at 1400 hours, the suspect was caught with grave metal posts.
Court heard that Tom Tepa and his buddies went to Kawama Cemetery to clean at their relative’s grave yard and when they reached they noticed that the grave metal post put for their relative was missing.

Mr Simagesi recited to court that afterward the family saw a man running with a sack on his rear and they realised that the man was the criminal.
They also gave chase and restrained him and found the sack with grave metal posts.

And in the instance of Aaron Phiri was arrested after being caught stealing a metal grave sign at Kantolomba Cemetery.
Copperbelt Province Commanding officer Sharon Zulu said the incident befell on Sunday July 3rd, this year when relatives to the Julius Maini found his metal grave sign missing from his grave.

Ms Zulu said when the suspect was restrained by relatives of the late Mr Maini, they found him with five other grave signs from different graves.

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