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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Police orders fresh investigation into Anele Tembe’s death

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When AKA was healing and getting ready to get back in the game he has been hit with another blow. Things are not looking good for the rapper after the Western Cape police orders further investigations leading to Nellie Tembe’s death. The police have reportedly finalized the first inquest and it seems AKA might be a suspect.

Since Nellie’s shocking demise, a lot of rumors have been spread blaming AKA for what happened to her. Her death was unexpected worse after jumping from the tenth floor of a hotel in Cape Town. Some reports claim AKA was abusive and pictures of him breaking a door to get to his fiancé also surfaced.

Despite many labeling Nellie as suicidal, her father denied those allegations on her funeral and this was a twist that led the public that something was hidden. One of the most shocking events was when an anonymous person claiming to be a member of the Tembe family sent an email to MacG during his podcast.

The email had lots of information about AKA and a lot was revealed. The email claimed AKA cheated on Nellie with his Da LES’ baby mama and girlfriend. After Nellie found out she threatened to expose the affair and AKA could not allow this. When she told Da LES it certainly affected his friendship with AKA. As a result AKA blamed his fiancé for everything that happened between him and his friend Da LES.

It is reported that this affected Nellie who loved her husband to be. It is also claimed that AKA introduced Nellie to different drugs which affected her a lot. This anonymous relative also claims the lifestyle AKA introduced to his wife to be was bad and involved abuse of alcohol and drugs. Shockingly the email also pushes for further investigations saying Nellie’s phone has all the evidence that AKA pushed her to do the unthinkable and jump from the tenth floor.

The public seems not to have faith in the systems and think nothing will happen to AKA even if he is found wanting. Here are some of their comments:

“So they are investigating aka nobody else.”

“Celebrities perform satanic rituals at hotels”

“Knowing our justice system, nothing will happen… Just look at the Senzo Meyiwa”


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