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Police procure high tech anti-riot vehicles

Police procure high tech anti-riot vehicles. According to Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja of Police, the anti-riot vehicles were purchased in 2016 and are currently in South awaiting delivery.

The Zambia Police will have a humongous addition to their armoury with 18 anti-riot police vehicles purchased by the government. Kanganja said the vehicles were part of the modernization of the Zambia police with the equipment meant to enhance policing especially where crowd control was concerned.

Anti Riot“Police mechanics are getting hands training on a Maverick Antiriot vehicle purchased for the police which will soon be delivered. It is in South Africa, all provinces will be catered for,” Kanganja said.

“We have two types actually, one type to be used by the paramilitary and Mobile Unit and the other for general riot situation. The total is 18 vehicles. So it’s the Marauder and the Maverick.”

He added: “The Police are being proactive and prepare for any eventualities and move with modern policing trends as we evolve into the 21st century.”

Source: Zambian Report

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