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Police Questions Violence In Luangwa Election

Government officials are worried about the violence that was present during the recently concluded election in Luangwa, according to Home Affairs Minister Jack MWIIMBU.

Police have launched investigations into the violence, according to Mr. MWIIMBU, but no arrests have been made as of yet.

According to Mr. MWIIMBU, the New Dawn administration detests all forms and manifestations of violence.

According to him, everyone in Zambia must denounce violence because it claims the lives of the defenseless and denies its people the chance to enjoy their freedoms.

This was mentioned by Mr. MWIIMBU during his ministerial statement on the political violence that occurred during the by-election for the Luangwa Council Chairperson.

Mr. MWIIMBU continued to play a political role while demonstrating that the high standards of responsibility outlined in the statutes accompany the democracy Zambia is currently experiencing.

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