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Political Advisor Kaizar Zulu arrested

Political Advisor to Zambia’s corrupt President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, Kaizar Zulu has been beaten by Police officers in Chilanga. The Police beat Kaizar Zulu last night after he caused an accident injuring people. When Police attempted to record the incident, Kaizar questioned the police that: Do you know me?

Kaizar Zulu

And while the officer insisted to lawfully record the incident, Kaizar Zulu slapped one of the officers. This sparked anger in the officers who took turns in beating Lungu’s advisor according to Top Secret investigations was on a mission in Chilanga to begin rigging tactics ahead of tomorrow’s polls.

And further investigations by Top Secret News reveal that Kaizar Zulu was involved in a head-on collision accident near ZAWA offices in Chilanga. He was driving a Toyota V8 Landcruiser, beige in colour, registration number AJD 8961.

The victim of Kaizar Zulu who Top Secret News has established as Charles Kasese was driving a Toyota Collora registration number 119 is seriously injured and battling for his life at UTH. UTH sources say he may die as he is in a critical condition.

Meanwhile Kaizar Zulu phoned the Inspector General of Police to go and help him end the fight and in no time Kakoma Kanganja phoned Chilanga police station. As Top Secret News reporting the Inspector General of Police is currently at Chilanga police station trying to reason with the paramilitary police over Kaizar Zulu’s thuggish behaviour.

It remains unclear whether the police officers will not be fired and Kanganja defend them but so far Top Secret investigations have established that the paramilitary police are angry with Edgar Lungu’s administration for mistreating and not paying them their allowances.

Source: Zambian Observer

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