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Political Groups Applaud IMF’s US$1.3 billion Bailout

President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA and his economic team have received plaudits from MMD President NEVERS MUMBA for their accomplishment in regaining public trust in the Zambian economy.

The adoption of the IMF rescue package, according to Dr. MUMBA, is a sign of trust from the world community.

He claims that this demonstrates the viability of the government’s programs and inspires lenders, investors, and other cooperating parties to have more faith in the economy.

This was said by Dr. MUMBA in a statement to ZNBC News today in LUSAKA.

The IMF-backed reform package, according to Party for National Unity and Progress (PNUP) President HIGHVIE HAMUDUDU, is the most effective way to address the enormous debt.

It is encouraging, according to Mr. HAMUDUDU, that the IMF has approved the scheme.

According to him, the IMF-backed scheme enables ZAMBIA to manage its debt,

The adoption of the IMF program, according to Vice President of the Movement for Democratic Change LEONARD HIKAUMBA, is a significant accomplishment.

This, according to Mr. HIKAUMBA, will aid in reviving the economy.

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