Political Parties Sign a Peace and Non-Violence Accord

Political parties participating in the August 12 Presidential and general elections have today signed a peace and non-violence accord at Mulungushi International Conference center with a pledge to ensure peace prevails after the elections.

The political parties have also pledged to engage in issue-based campaigns and not politics of character assassinations and tribalism.

And in a speech read on his behalf by Patriotic Front Secretary General Hon Davies Mwila, President Edgar Lungu has said that political leaders have a sacred responsibility to condemn violence and take responsibility every time their members go astray and engage in politics of insults and violence.

President Lungu charged that political leaders must not justify the injury and damage caused by their cadres but must be quick to condemn and correct them.

The head of state reiterated that what unites the country, by far outweighs what divides it.

President Lungu has since called upon political leaders to emulate the late former President David Kaunda who led the way when he proclaimed One Zambia, One Nation.

President Lungu says political players must therefore love one another because it is from loving each other that people can live in harmony.

And President Lungu said that the PF has been a victim of serious political violence but has refused to take the law into their own hands.

“We have refused to hit back, It does not mean that we are cowards, no, we have resolved to allow the relevant authorities to take appropriate action because we understand that an eye for eye will leave us all blind,” he said.

The head of state also disclosed that he has directed all PF members to conduct issue-based campaigns based on the party’s achievements, ideas, and policies as spelled out in the PF manifesto.

President Lungu also emphasized that the PF intends to win the forthcoming elections in a free, fair, and transparent manner without any form of political violence or insults.

Among the political parties that signed the Peace and non-violence accord are Democratic Party, Socialist Party, UNIP, UPND, PNUP, PAC, and NDC among others.


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