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Popular businessman caught red-handed B0NKING wife’s younger sister

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Bekithemba Ndlovu from Selbourne Park, whose company is situated at Cumberland Building along Fort Street, left his wife Memory Ndlovu utterly devastated when she discovered that she had been dipped with the same magic stick with her younger sister.

It was the worst kind of betrayal for a Bulawayo woman when she busted her husband in bed with her younger sister. Bekithemba’s nasty details of his adulter0us shenanigans came to light after his wife employed as a chef at a local supermarket hauled him to court for alleged physical abuse. She was seeking a protection order against him. She said so abusively was her husband that he assaults her over trivial issues.

“I am married to Bekithemba Ndlovu in terms of the Marriages Act Chapter 5:11. There are three minor children of the marriage aged 13, eight and six. He is physically abusive towards me. He often assaults me over trivial issues like if he does not like my hairstyle.

“I can only leave home 15 minutes before I’m due to start work and he also gives me 30 minutes from the time I finish work to get home. If I delay, he assaults me. At one point he hit me until I dislocated my shoulder and to date, it becomes very painful when it’s cold. He sometimes hits me at night and I have to seek refuge at a neighbour’s house,” complained Memory.

She said her husband was also verbally and emotionally abusive. “He insults me in front of our children. He also torments me by saying I am no longer allowed to drive myself to work and if I leave home without a car, he would assault me saying I am walking so that men can see me.

“He forcibly took away my car and this was after he assaulted me until I signed an affidavit indicating that I was donating it to our pastor. Although he has other vehicles registered in his name, he did not donate them as he wanted to dispossess me of mine,” she protested.

Memory said her husband was also abusing their children. “He has also developed a habit of severely assaulting our children and as a result of his abusive behaviour, I have since moved out of the matrimonial home with the children. He has been phoning and threatening me. We are now living in constant fear hence this application for a protection order.”

In response, Bekithemba through his lawyer dismissed Memory’s application saying it was premised on falsehoods. “We are opposed to the application because it is pivoted on falsehoods. The challenges between them emanated from issues of infidelity in 2017. The applicant was involved in an adulter0us relationship.

“The two have been attending counselling sessions since that time. There has been no report of physical abuse filed with the police. In 2010 she was involved in an accident that is when she dislocated her shoulder. She moved out of the house because of her infidelity as she was always coming home late,” responded Bekithemba’s lawyer.

Memory, however, hit back saying her husband was the one who was a “serial” bed-hopper. “He is the one who has girlfriends and we started having problems in 2010 after I found him in bed with my younger sister,” retorted Memory. In her ruling, presiding magistrate Nkosinomusa Ncube ordered Bekithemba to stay away from his wife’s place and workplace.

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