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Popular Pr0stitute joints in Lusaka and their prices

Authorities in Zambia including the Zambia Police have been making efforts to root out hules from all walks from Zambians life Popular Pr0stitutes joints in Lusaka

Some months ago, the prostitutes chased away these officials at a brothel in Chawama.

According to sources close to the facility, the brothel in the Chawama operates 24 hours daily and is reportedly a hotspot for some Senior High School boys who skip classes and pay as little as K10 to patronize the services of the s_x workers.

Ocent Nation has sighted a report in which all the famous prostitutes joints in Lusaka are listed and their prices.

See full list below:

Katete( chawama)- K10 to K20

Mukupa ( city market) -K10 to K20

Winka (Chibolya) -K5 to K15

Manfred (Chibolya) K10 to K50

mahopo K10- K20

Longacres K100 to K200

Club 99 ( Kanyama) K50 to K100

East point (Kabwata) K50 to K100

Clans (Kabwata) K20 to K50

CC Night club (Chawama) K10- K50

Tafela Nsoni (Kanyama) K30 to K80

Chitukuko ( Kanyama) K30 to K50

George Compound K50 to K70

Nothmead K100 to K200

Mayela (Kalingalinga) K50 to K100

Kabs mall (Kabulonga) K80 to K100

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