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Power blackout in 8 Provinces due to fault on the Power inter-connector system.

ZESCO says the loss of power that affected eight provinces was due to a disturbance on the power inter-connector system.

ZESCO Spokesperson Henry Kapata said that the interruption on the power transmission equipment at Kitwe’s 330 to 220 kv substation, resulted in power failure in the two provinces.

Mr. Kapata said that because of that, the system experienced high voltages leading to loss of supply to parts of Lusaka, Central, Muchinga, Northern, Luapula and Eastern provinces.

The power system also lost generation at Kafue gorge, Mamba Collieries, Kariba North Bank, and the entire Ndola Energy Company Limited, and ZESCO engineers responded and restored supply to the affected areas.

Mr. Kapata added that investigations and repair works have commenced at Kitwe to normalize the affected Line.

He said this when he featured on ZNBC’s Kwacha Good Morning Zambia programme in Lusaka.

source: lusakatimes