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President Edgar Lungu castigates those attacking him for taking development to places he lost in the elections

President Edgar Lungu has castigated those that are in the tendency of saying that taking development to areas which did not give the Patriotic Front many votes was a waste of time because as far as he was concerned, he has had an inescapable duty to take development to each corner of the land as a head of state.Pres. Lungu

Speaking when he arrived to at Solwezi Airport in North Western Province yesterday afternoon, President Lungu stated that he acknowledged that he was Party President for the PF and therefore owed it to his members to make them happy but at the same time stated that he had a broader responsibility to the People of Zambia to ensure they all partook in the national cake, by extending his development agenda to the entire nation.

The President stated that his role was to ensure that he struck a realistic balance between being the President for the PF Party and President of the Republic of Zambia.

President Edgar Lungu

President Lungu was appalled by the level of cheap politics that some of the opposition Political players were engaging in, stating that it was laughable that the opposition were going to PF strongholds and telling the People that voted for him that he was neglecting them and taking development to areas were he got the least votes.

“UPND has a base in Southern Province and I’ve been taking development there, and they are laughing at me . UPND is very strong in North Western Province and I bring development here and they are laughing at me . They are going to Luapula, Muchinga, Easten and telling the People that if you had not voted for Lungu, he would have brought development here. In North Western Province, he is taking development. So, don’t vote for Lungu in Luapula, Muchinga, Easten and Northern Province. Now, what sense is that?”

President Edgar Lungu

“What will Zambia become if I start to take development only to the places where I was voted for? My role is to distribute development equitably and evenly across the board. And it’s upto you to vote for me or not in 2021. If you don’t want, fine, I will still win anyway. Yes, I won without your votes from here. And I can still win again. So when I come here, just accept me and let’s work together period. You are dealing with a Civilized Person . If you had voted for an idiot in Statehouse, I would have said I won’t even take development to North Western Province. Yes I want to repeat this. Because People are laughing at me in the Party saying ulunkonena lwa musangoifi lwa Shani kanshi? Finshi bakupela ku North Western Province ifyo ubwelela kofye lyonse.?” Said the President. [ What did North Western Province give you and why doyou keep going back? ]

And President Lungu stated that the real mark of leadership was in a person’s ability to learn from others. The President stated that one could not be a leader unless he was ready to be led and guided, adding that patience paid and that it was his patience that had seen him were he was today as President.

The President stated that there where many who had been vying for the position of President even before he became a Minister but that chances were they would never even be President because of their attitude.

And the Provincial Minister for North Western Province, Nathaniel Mubukwanu stated that North Western Province was delighted to yet again receive the Head of State on this visit. Hon Mubukwanu stated that President Lungu had visited North Western Province more than any other Province since his election as REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT.

“That CLEARLY demonstrates the Passion that you have for this Province Your Excellency. The President doesn’t believe in Monitoring Projects through reports . He preferred to come and see for himself,” he added.

And Hon. Mubukwanu stated that the Presidents visits were paying dividends to the province and announced that the Chingola / Solwezi road only had 3.5 kilometres before completion.

“As a matter of fact, the contractor’s have assured us that come July, that road will be handed over to Government. And that your EXCELLENCY is due to the leadership you have provided, ” he said.

President Lungu is in North Western Province to inspect development projects as well as grace the Meet the President dinner before he returns back to Lusaka on Saturday, June 2, 2018.

Source: Lusaka Times

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